Valentine's Jewelry Gifts that Give Back

This Valentine's Day, why not spread the love beyond your relationship and make a positive impact together? Choose jewelry gifts that give back to a cause you both care about:

  • Ethically Sourced Gemstones: Opt for jewelry made with ethically sourced gemstones that support responsible mining practices and protect the environment.

  • Handmade Jewelry by Local Artisans: Choose beautifully crafted pieces from local artisans, supporting their livelihood and preserving traditional skills.

  • Jewelry with Charitable Donations: Look for brands that donate a portion of their proceeds to causes close to your hearts, from animal shelters to environmental conservation efforts.

  • Plant-Based or Recycled Materials: Celebrate eco-conscious love with jewelry made from sustainable materials like recycled metals or plant-based resins.

  • Volunteer Together: Instead of traditional gifts, plan a volunteering activity together for Valentine's Day. Make bracelets for hospitalized children, visit

  • Lavishic Valentine’s Day Special Offer: Treat your love (or yourself!) to 20% off EVERYTHING!


Check these collections !

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