The Best Jewelry for Blondes with Brown Eyes

Blonde hair and brown eyes are another beautiful combination. When choosing jewelry for this hair and eye color, it's important to keep the contrast in mind. Brown is a warm color, so you'll want to choose jewelry that has a cool or neutral tone.

Silver, white gold, and platinum are all good choices for blondes with brown eyes. You can also wear gold, but make sure it's a pale or rose gold. Avoid yellow gold, as it can clash with the brown of your eyes.

As for the shape of your face, the same rules apply as for blondes with blue eyes. If you have a round face, choose geometric shapes. If you have an oval face, you can wear any shape of jewelry.

Here are some specific jewelry pieces that would look great on blondes with brown eyes:

  • A silver necklace with a small diamond pendant
  • A pair of gold hoop earrings
  • A platinum bracelet with amethysts
  • A white gold ring with a garnet
  • A pair of statement earrings in a teardrop shape


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